Ike Miller Scholarship

The Ike Miller Scholarship was started by Dr. Ben Galloway in remembrance of his friend and colleague, Mr. Ike Miller.

Since 1991, this scholarship has been available to any qualified applicant interested in attending a Medicolegal Death Investigation Training Course. Approved courses are the St. Louis University School of Medicine Medicolegal Death Investigators Training and the New Mexico Office of the Medical Examiner Basic Training for the Medicolegal Death Investigator. The scholarship is intended to help cover some of the costs of the training, and will be awarded in June every three years, beginning with the June 2018 Conference. Scholarship recipients will be reimbursed up to $2,500. The recipient and/or their county will be responsible for any expenses above the reimbursed amount.

In order to be qualified, the applicant must be currently employed by a Coroner’s Office in the State of Colorado that is a member in good standing with the Colorado Coroners Association.

Applications for the annual scholarships must be received prior to the General Meeting at the annual Colorado Coroners Association Conference held in June. The recipient will be announced at the General Membership Meeting.

For any additional questions, please email coloradocoroners@gmail.com or call Jenny Vien, Executive Secretary at 970-628-5151

The Ike Miller Scholarship will be available again for the June 2021 Conference.