Coroner Assist Team

Coroner Assist Team:

Coroner Assist Team, Disaster, Wildfire, GuidlinesThe Colorado Coroners Association "Coroner Assist Team" is a group of volunteers, who are members of the CCA through their respective counties. The team is comprised of death investigators certified by the Colorado Coroners Association. The Coroner Assist Team operates under the jurisdiction of the Board of Directors of the Colorado Coroners Association.

*Randy Gorton, Kit Carson County – Term Expires 6/18
Rob Glassmire, Garfield County – Term Expires 6/19
Brian Cotter, Pueblo County – Term Expires 6/19

Mission Statement:

The Colorado Coroners Association Coroner Assist Team will assist coroners in the response, handling, and operation of a disaster situation by offering the highest quality of professional skills available through the Association.

Team Guidelines:

  • The Coroner Assist Team will only respond at the request of the coroner having jurisdiction over the disaster situation.
  • The Team will work as a mutual aid agency, under the direction of the coroner who has requested assistance from the Team. Team members will support the needs and statutory requirements of the requesting coroner and never take control of the incident.
  • The Coroner Assist Team will respond to assist any Colorado coroner at the level of assistance needed.
  • The Team will assist the requesting coroner by providing certified death investigators and resources for duties relating to the Coroner's Office only.
  • The Colorado Coroners Association will have regional contacts to expedite the response time to a disaster situation. The Colorado Coroners Association will maintain a list of other statewide organizations and forensic specialists that can be available, in a disaster situation.

Disaster Definition:

Any situation which overwhelms the available resources.


Coroners Assist Team